Hello There!

We are Team Empower! We are three graduating seniors studying mechanical engineering design at Stanford. This project is something we started working on in January 2018 for our capstone project - the sum of all that we have learned here at Stanford. Our biggest goal for this project is to help empower those who are so deeply affected by CRPS. We want to help give a voice to this community and help people live normal lives and do the things that they love. Thank you to the CRPS community for your support and sharing your experiences and stories with us. This has been an incredible journey and learning experience and we hope that you will find relief in what we have created.

With love and compassion,

Katie, Danica and Elena

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Elena enjoys being on the water, eating anything that has peppermint in it, and laughing at anything and everything!  She is very passionate about sailing and loves being outdoors and exploring! Much of her free time is spent finding more ways to go on the water whether it be on a boat, a paddleboard, etc, but she works extremely hard to stay out of the water (crazy but unless the water is really warm she works as hard as she can to stay out of the water)!  She loves all kinds of design including architecture, product design, photography, painting, etc.

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Katie loves anything and everything outside: hiking, running, backpacking, skiing, beaches, mountains, lakes…..she has probably played every sport that exists on this earth. She was on the lacrosse team at Stanford before getting injured, but now has time to do all of the other important things that she loves! She is going to be a teacher next year and currently works with a mentoring group for middle school girls. She loves dance parties, penguins, painting, good food (especially ice cream and dark chocolate peanut butter cups), logic puzzles, singing (badly), reading, and biking around campus with her dorm in ridiculous costumes yelling “happy thursday” to random strangers :)




Danica enjoys hiking at night, waking up early to ski the flat-water, cat calendars, and gluten (“WHY AM I ALLERGIC”).  Now as a student at Stanford she has ditched all that fun stuff for more intellectual activities. You can often find her impersonating animals, watching movies about baby monkeys, inventing new words and snorting with laughter. Oh, and she developed a love for innovation and design, empowering women to reach their fullest potentials, and creating a world that uses less energy (Refrigeration is cool!). Catch Danica anywhere outdoors (Psst... She’s the one slathering on the sunscreen).